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Start Your Adventure With NYsKOOL

For your child & the whole family

  • An international learning experience from day one​

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) or USA diploma at graduation.​

  • No stress of changing schools and loosing friends, when family moves.​​

  • Social skills developed in an international setting, either online or in our ‘Learning Hubs’​

  • Students learn how to be responsible for their own study

  • They study their individually selected subjects at their own pace​

  • No tests. No stress. Just a relaxed yet very engaging environment​

  • Ability for families to go on holiday year-round, without detriment to the child’s education​​

The Finnish education model at NYsKOOL. Our transversal competence aims include:

  • Thinking and learning to learn

  • Cultural competence, interaction, and self-expression

  • Taking care of oneself and managing daily life

  • Multiliteracy

  • ICT competence (confident and critical use of electronic media for work, leisure, and communication)

  • Work life competence and entrepreneurship

  • Participation, involvement and building a sustainable future

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Our fees - Take advantage of our introductory pricing:

  • Admission fee - $400. 

  • Monthly fee (100% online for now) - $400 a month. The monthly fee includes online study with qualified teachers, an individual learning plan, access to self-learning materials, and regular feedback with teachers.

  • Learning Hubs - prices will vary depending on the location.

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