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  • What are the locations of NYsKOOL Learning Hubs?
    We have partnered up with educational pods In the US, in various locations. In these spaces, our students can join our live online lessons in the morning and complete assignments and projects both independently and with other children at the hub in the afternoon. In 5 years we plan to grow to 100+ Learning Hubs around the world. See further details here: We have identified the following countries as popular digital nomad destinations: Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, Portugal, Vietnam, Georgia, Turkey, Hungary, South Africa, Croatia, U.A.E. and Spain. The final selection will depend on the interest from families at those places. If you gather 10 children aged 6 to 11, willing to study in NYsKOOL, in your location, we will be happy to open an NYsKOOL Learning Hub for them. Please contact us to discuss this further!
  • What diploma will my children receive when they graduate at the age of 18?
    International Baccalaureate.
  • Will NYsKOOL provide a transfer certificate, if we decide to switch to another school?
    Yes, we will provide a standard European transfer certificate confirming the grades the child achieved and completed. Your child will have a digital portfolio that follows them throughout their learning journey as evidence of progress along with progressive outcomes.
  • Do Learning Hubs close for summer holidays?
    Our Hubs are open 12 months a year and only close for the national holidays of the country. As NYsKOOL adopts a hybrid learning environment, this means that even when the hub maybe closed due to a national holiday your child could still join the online lessons if they wish. Families can travel outside of national or school holidays and still ensure their child is receiving the best education by choosing to study online or attending a hub in a different location.
  • What are the school fees?
    Introductory Pricing Admission fee - $400.  Monthly fee (100% online for now) - $400 a month. The monthly fee includes online study with qualified teachers, an individual learning plan, access to self-learning materials, and regular feedback with teachers. Learning Hubs - prices will vary depending on the location.
  • What are the Learning Hub hours?
    The opening hours differ on the location of each hub. You can find out more about the opening hours here: We aim to make drop off and pick up times as flexible as possible for parents/guardians.
  • Will meals be provided for children?
    NYsKOOL will provide healthy locally sourced lunches and snacks for your children. We strongly believe that children can learn to appreciate healthy and tasty meals at an early age. Students can learn essential skills for the future by cooking some of their meals themselves. All children will have the same menu, unless they have a particular food allergy. NYsKOOL’s food menu is centred around a pescetarian diet. Fruit and vegetables will also be provided as snacks. Lunch and snacks will be charged at $10-15 per day depending on the location. At this time we do not allow students to bring their own food as we don’t want to create confusion for other children.
  • Will there be a doctor or nurse on the premises?
    When our hubs are still in their infancy, we will make emergency arrangements with the nearest medical centre or hospital. Once the hub reaches a substantial number of students, NYsKool will provide an onsite nurse.
  • As a parent, will I have a say in how NYsKOOL is run?
    We strongly believe that a school is first and foremost a community. The learning process is successful when parents, children and the school are communicate and work together. Many parents are experts in their respective fields so we embrace and welcome their expertise, whenever it is applicable. We will organise regular community events, where parents are able to contribute and participate. We welcome any feedback and ideas from parents that they believe will make the learning process more meaningful and engaging for students. If you want to open NYsKOOL Learning Hub near you for your children and become our franchising partner, let us know and we will help you at every step of setting it up and running it.
  • Will NYsKOOL have its own uniform?
    The issue of uniform is a conflicting one. Our first premise is that every child is unique and that a school should embrace these differences and give children a means to express their individual personality and taste. At the same time, we acknowledge that uniforms play an important role in making students feel equal, especially with regards to potential income inequalities. We therefore ask our students at NYsKOOL to wear modest clothing with no expensive or elaborate jewellery or accessories.
  • Will NYsKOOL provide transportation to and from school?
    Owing to the fact we provide flexible drop-off and pick up times, transportation is not provided.
  • Does NYsKOOL have a license in every country you operate in?
    Legally our model is based on home-schooling and therefore does not require a license. This allows us to provide our renowned Finnish curriculum to students around the world. Even more importantly, operating in this way helps us to avoid the stringent and stressful obligatory state tests and focus on our students interests and their holistic development. We're in the process of getting an IB licence, but it's not relevant for 6-11 year olds yet. We have set up our Learning Management System according to IB standards even for primary.
  • Does NYsKOOL provides secular or religious education?
    NYsKOOL is a secular school, but we respect all cultures and religions. One of the main distinctions of our approach is an individual learning plan. If parents wish to add religious studies for their child, we can include those subjects in the child’s curriculum.
  • How to you ensure safety and inclusion of children?
    We have Child Protection Policies in place and all our staff undergo a 'Working with Children' clearance process. Our staff also complete a recognised First Aid training course. Teachers, both online and on-site, will work to ensure that every child feels safe, respected and included.
  • What is included in the monthly fee?
    A bespoke individual educational plan and experience, designed by the head teacher specifically for your child; access to the latest award-winning educational apps; highly engaging online lessons; independent and group assignments and projects; regular feedback from the head teacher.
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