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The global school where academics meet happiness

By using the authentic Finnish educational model to teach the U.S curriculum in English, we nourish our children with holistic methods of teaching and learning. This enables them to not only succeed academically, but allows them to better understand themselves and their own emotions as well as the diversity of people around them, all whilst growing into happy world citizens, ready to build a successful future.

NYsKOOL Parent's testimonial

We have wanted our kids to be part of a global school for quite some time - a school without walls! At NYsKOOL my 7 year old son, learnt and experienced that first time to be part of a group of other children with no boundaries and learning across cultures co-learning from different countries at the same time. The head Teacher Minna and other teachers were excellent with regards to focussing wide ranging learning as I had heard about the Finnish curriculum. My son looked forward to every day classes to get back in the online classroom with other kids and interactive learning with the teachers. We strongly recommend NYsKOOL to similar open minded global citizens.”

Try our open lessons

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering “open lessons”. This means that you can sign up for up to three lessons in our schedule for free!
This will allow you to assess whether our format and teaching methods are suitable for your child, and we get the chance to show you how cool NYsKOOL really is!

Open lesson
Free open lesson

NYsKOOL Parent's testimonial

"It has been a great experience for our children to be taught 100% in English at NYsKOOL. They have improved the language a lot!  They have excelled their math skills thanks to the platform provided by NYsKOOL for their independent work. Our children say that they love the teachers and that the activities are fun. They are excited and say they learn interesting things" 


Child Centric

NYsKOOL is the first global school that encourages each child to be happy and reach their full potential whilst allowing the whole family to be anywhere in the world. NYsKOOL follows the U.S curriculum taught in English, but delivers it according to one of the most successful and innovative education models in the world – the Finnish model. Besides achieving top academic results, it focuses on holistic child development and enabling every child to feel successful.

Learning Hubs

In 5 years we plan to grow to 100+ Learning Hubs around the world. In September 2024 we will open our Learning Hubs in Lisbon, Cascais and Barcelona.

In the US, we have partnered up with educational pods in various locations for your child to access. In these spaces, our students can join our live online lessons in the morning and complete assignments and projects both independently and with other children at the hub in the afternoon.

If you would like to become our partner and open a Learning Hub near you, please contact us for further details!

For your child & the whole family

  • An international learning experience from day one

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) and/or USA diploma at graduation

  • No stress of changing schools and loosing friends if your family moves


  • Flexible drop off and pick up hours

  • Social skills developed in an international setting, either online or in our ‘Learning Hubs’

  • Students learn how to be responsible for their own study

  • Students study their individually selected subjects at their own pace

  • No tests. No stress. Just a relaxed yet very engaging environment

  • Ability for families to go on holiday year-round, without detriment to the child’s education​​

Where are we?

At NYsKOOL, we are set to build the first globally distributed school. We started globally from day one! Even though we are an early stage startup, our team members, teachers and students are already spread around the world.

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