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Aula con utensilios

Our Learning Hubs in
Spain and Portugal

A day at NYsKOOL Learning Hub

The day is full of games, projects and other group activities. Children will have meaningful discussions, scientific projects and hands-on activities like building a rocket or an ecosystem. Every day children will spend time outside socialising, playing sports and learning about nature.
They will interact and collaborate with children from other Learning Hubs around the globe. Some time will be left for individual learning supported by NYsKOOL teachers.

Children can be dropped off and collected at any time during the day.


If you would like to know more, please message us on WhatsApp +34 676 29 53 96 or email

Lisbon Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub is centrally located in Campolide near the university with grean areas and walking distace to two parks - Jardim da Amnistia Internacional and Jardim Amália Rodrigues. Five minutes’ walk from NYsKOOL is a small garden with sports facilities. We plan to utilize these outdoor spaces for both study and play often!


The school premises will be designed for curiosity and collaboration. This will include shared spaces over work tables, quiet areas for mindfulness and study, a small library, and cinema room for educational videos and screenings of student work.

We plan to invite the university students to do masterclasses and inspirational talks to our students. They have a diverse array of departments including law, chemistry, science and technology, social studies, business, medicine, biology, and public health.

Parents will particularly benefit from our co-working space in the building, available for a nominal fee. This is perfect for those who wish to stay onsite and work while their children learn. Additionally, we welcome parent volunteers to engage directly with our classrooms, fostering a strong community connection and involvement in your child’s education.

Sesimbra Learning Hub

NYsKOOL has partnered with FOZ school located in the National Reserve in Sesimbra. 

The school is embedded in a Natural Reserve close to the ocean, benefiting from high air quality. We have a generous natural playground as well as an organic vegetable garden and orchard built largely by the students and teachers, applying principles of regenerative practices. Organic, sugar-free, balanced menu available at a fair cost.


We commit to be as sustainable as possible: grey water re-usage, limiting waste, recycling, using regenerative energy sources, and living and learning in harmony with nature.

Barcelona Learning Hub

In Barcelona we are still deciding on a location in Poblenou. Once we have decided we will update this space and will inform the families that are already enrolled or are considering the enrollment.

Do you want to enroll your child? CONTACT US 

Upcoming locations 

Barcelona (Poblenou)
Clase de ciencia y tecnologia
  • An international learning experience from day one​

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) or USA diploma.​

  • No stress of changing schools and loosing friends, when family moves.​​

  • Flexible drop off and pick up hours​

  • Social skills developed in an international setting, either online or in our ‘Learning Hubs’​

  • Students learn how to be responsible for their own study​

  • They study their individually selected subjects at their own pace​

  • No tests. No stress. Just a relaxed yet very engaging environment​

  • Ability for families to go on holiday year-round, without detriment to the child’s education​​

At NYsKOOL we follow the aims of the Finnish education model – to give children skills that will make them successful in real life. They are called transversal competence and include:

  • Thinking and learning to learn

  • Cultural competence, interaction, and self-expression

  • Taking care of oneself and managing daily life

  • Multiliteracy

  • ICT competence (confident and critical use of electronic media for work, leisure, and communication)

  • Work life competence and entrepreneurship

  • Participation, involvement and building a sustainable future

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