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U.S. Curriculum with Finnish Methodology

NYsKOOL is a hybrid school offering the American curriculum with the Finnish methodology: one that fosters intrinsic motivation and 21st century skills.


Our innovative model combines synchronous online classes with small group, in-person learning.


As a student-centered school, we create individual learning plans based on strengths rather than deficits, allowing demonstration of mastery through learner-led projects.


Our model allows flexibility for families who travel often, and for children who thrive in non-traditional environments.


Our methodology allows us to incorporate transversal competencies, encompassing social and emotional learning, media literacy, cross-cultural communication, critical thinking, global citizenship, and more.  

Students with Digital Tablets

Individual Learning Plans for Each Child

Studious Child

We believe in a tailored educational experience for every child, recognizing that the traditional one-size-fits-all model does not accommodate the unique learning scopes and growth patterns of each student.


At our school, every student receives an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) based on strength-based assessments with students, parents, and teachers.


This personalized approach allows students to develop their unique potential by engaging with a curriculum designed to amplify their curiosity.


We are committed to creating an environment where every child can thrive — through a tailored education within project based learning environments. 

Hybrid Approach

Recognizing the importance of flexibility for families, NYsKOOL offers an innovative approach that frees families from the constraints of traditional school calendars and geographic limitations.


We offer our core classes online, which are integrated into our in-person, project-based-learning curriculum at our global hubs.


Enrolment options are:

  • Online Only: Synchronous, live classes, accessible from anywhere.

  • Online and Part-Time In-Person: Combine the convenience of online lessons with parti-time, in-person sessions at our Learning Hubs.

  • Online and Full-Time In-Person: A traditional school experience enhanced with online resources, available full-time at our Learning Hubs.

Self-Directed Learning

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What do traditional schools typically emphasize? Punctuality and adherence to instructions.

At NYsKOOL, we forgo an antiquated model that no longer prepares children for the modern world, in exchange for self-directed learning. 

Here’s how we do it:

  • Personalized Curriculum: Students customize their learning paths based on their interests, taking greater responsibility for their education.

  • Creativity and Autonomy: Encouraging students to follow their creativity, they pursue projects to completion, set their own goals, solve problems, and evaluate their progress against established targets.

  • Foundation of Learning: Students' experiences, emotions, interests, and interactions form the core of their learning journey.

  • Role of Teachers: Our teachers guide students towards becoming lifelong learners, providing support and direction rather than dictating every step.


This approach nurtures self-motivated, creative and critical thinkers who are prepared a life of learning.

Technology Technology Technology

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We live in a world where we encounter technology in every minute of our lives. Digital literacy is one of the key skills required for a successful life after graduation. This is why our ‘Learning Hubs’ are technology-rich, and our students use technology on a daily basis.


Unlike traditional schools that still use the method of a teacher “lecturing a class”, we use interactive apps to teach core materials like mathematics and languages. Children are much more engaged; they have fun and learn faster.


The teachers role changes as they are freed from mundane tasks. They become more like a mentor, developing individual learning plans and helping children to navigate them, organising group activities and helping to develop emotional intelligence.


Technology enables our individual learning plans and makes the students’ progress transparent for themselves as well as teachers and parents.

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