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We plan on becoming the first globally distributed school to offer children an international experience, whilst capitalising on global teaching talent and providing families with freedom of movement.

Who is NYsKOOL for?

Different children and parents can find different values and opportunities at NYsKOOL.


Expats and digital nomads that regularly move will appreciate the lack of stress for their children as they won’t have to change schools and lose their friends with each change of location.

Home-schoolers and online learners will enrich their learning journeys with social interactions and emotional intelligence development at our learning hubs, providing parents relief from children being at home 100% of the time.


Parents who feel that their children are not happy or don’t reach their full potential in a traditional school system will value our individual learning plans and “no tests, no stress” approach.

In September 2023, we launched our curriculum for 6-11 year olds in Europe and the US. Each year we will be adding an additional grade so that children can continue studying up until secondary school graduation at the age of 18, where they will receive an internationally recognised diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB).

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Andrei Voronine
Principal’s Welcome

It has been proven again and again that access to quality education has a direct effect on long-term life opportunities.


This is why many families struggle to move and live close to the best schools. But this is not always possible. Some families have to move from time to time, some live in locations where there are simply no high-quality schools.


NYsKOOL is the first globally distributed hybrid school that allows your child to have access to the world’s best education anywhere in the world.

And no more stress of changing schools and losing friends when your family moves.


Unlike 100% online education, our Learning Hubs allow children to develop vital social skills and emotional intelligence in a group setting.

Minna head teacher
From The Head Teacher

Motivation and curiosity - these are the most important things that we should nurture in our kids. Traditional lecturing style teaching doesn't stimulate motivation and curiosity. We should take time to consider every child's individual potential and what motivates them.


We all learn new things differently. We based our teaching on the renowned Finnish education system. We do this because in Finland they take note of every child's individual potential and want to provide the best possible education to their students to fulfil their potential. In Finland they also provide much needed support for every child.


We are modifying our teaching to make it suitable for every class and pupil. We use different kinds of learning methods, such as action based learning, phenomenon based learning (PBL) and authentic learning.


Finland's education is firmly based on 21st century skills that are needed in the future. We can't know all the skills kids will need when they enter their work life, but we can provide them with the tools to prosper. We will equip them with the knoledge to learn new things and find information, how to collaborate, and how to be self-confident human beings. All these traits will allow our students to become lifelong learners.


These are the things we can offer at NYsKOOL for every child, no matter where you are in the world.

Vision & Values

  • Every child is unique and can be successful
  • There is no need to compromise between academic results and child’s happiness
  • Technology enhances & advances education
  • Families want freedom of movement
  • It is vital to be ready for the real world
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